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100,000 Nationalist soldiers were once stationed here in the 1950s anticipating and repelling the Communist invasion. This was the frontline in the Chinese civil war, and the Nationalist's success here is said to be a major reason why mainland China didn't try to take Taiwan. Today's Kinmen has plenty of military sites on offer as well as historic Fujian-style buildings clustered in quaint villages, well-funded by a successful diaspora that poured money back home. It is also a world away from the People's Republic of China, just a short ferry ride away. After martial law was lifted in 1993, Kinmen is now far more relaxed, with the soldier population dropping to 3000 and tourists roaming around, albeit still off-the-beaten track for the Western clientele.

Despite being controlled by Taiwan today, it is accepted on both sides of the divide that Kinmen is part of Fujian province.

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