Kunming Museums Photo Gallery

Yunnan Provincial Museum is in a huge new building in the outskirts. Entry is free but you still need to get a ticket at the information centre next door.

Start the exhibition learning about geology and fossils.

Bronzes are common exhibition items in Chinese museums. These relics date from the Han Dynasty around the 1st century BC - AD.

After so many bronzes, it was time to move onto porcelain.

Religious artifacts

Scroll paintings

This Ming Dynsty gold crown has both blue and red gems.

Wartime currency became worthless after the Japanese defeat.

Local minority groups used their own language and not Chinese characters.

Islamic art in Chinese calligraphy is a unique exhibition just before the exit.

The Yunnan Nationalities Museum looks like a historical landmark from the 1970s. Many artifacts depict the rich cultural heritage of the various minorities living in this province.

The musical instruments were not so interesting but the artwork was.

Kunming Main Gallery