Kyoto Photo Gallery


A short walk away, this temple didn't have a free area to roam around. Looking around the entrance, I saw a few tour buses in the parking lot, and more tourists roaming about, so I took the gamble and bought a ticket.

The lake at the front of the temple was very nice, with rolling hills in the background. Within the sun making an appearance, the damp wintry day got a lot more balmy.


Many tour books about Kyoto feature the golden temple. Luckily, the morning clouds have disappeared and the golden glow looks the best under a blue sky.

The fame comes at a price - there were huge crowds around the small lakefront for the postcard snapshot.

Sunlight, trees, moss, and algae make an interesting photogenic mix.

By now it was late afternoon so I had to walk quick to the final temple for the day.


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