Landshut Photo Gallery

Landshut was founded in 1204 and saw its best days from the late 14th century to the beginning of the 16th. It has beautiful architecture, a river setting, and not the crowds of tourists.

Martinskirche boasts the world's tallest brick church tower.

The wide main boulevard was not busy with traffic and you have plenty of space to enjoy the historic buildings on both sides.

This winter day wasn't particularly cold, although eating outdoors was still probably not the most romantic way to spend an hour.

I wasn't disappointed the tower was closed. There is another spot with an even better view.

It is a steep but manageable climb on many small steps to Burg Trausnitz, a castle dating from the 13th century and home of the Lower Bavaria dukes until 1503.

You can see the whole old town from here.

After the dukes left, the castle took on various uses, including a barracks, prison, and even a hospital.

By the late afternoon, many stores have closed. Well, it was Sunday so most weren't open to begin with.

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