Las Vegas Photo Gallery - Above the City

Welcome to Paris in Las Vegas. The Eiffel Tower has an observation deck with lovely views of the Strip. Seems it is relatively undiscovered.

Looking south, development is heavily clustered along Las Vegas Blvd. Some new glassy towers have gone up over the years. The last major resort on the Strip is the yellow-glass Mandalay Bay in the distance.

Mountains rise not far to the west. Los Angeles is only an hour's flight away.

Towards the north, Las Vegas Blvd can get extremely busy during rush hours.

Looking east ...

The airport is not far from the Strip at all, and there is decent public transport as well.

For a more comfortable setting, head up to Mandarin Oriental's skybar before sunset and enjoy the windows all to yourself. This is one of few hotels on the Strip that didn't include a casino.

The hotel is part of CityCenter, which opened in 2010 with fancy glass buildings that boasts its own elevated tram linking several resorts.

The 350m-tall Stratosphere offers thrill rides high above the city in addition to the normal observation deck.

Arrive just before sunset to enjoy both the day and night views.

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