Flight Report
TZ 4225
New York LGA - Chicago Midway

Flight Information

TZ 4225 New York La Guardia - Chicago Midway
Equipment : Boeing 737-300
Scheduled Time : 2 hrs 34 min
Departure Time : 0800
Loading : about 90%

Since this was an early morning flight, I checked-in online the day before, which was an easy process of inputting my name and confirmation number. With printed boarding pass on hand, I arrived at the airport a bit late so I could sleep a bit more.

It was only a 15 minute taxi ride from the Upper East Side with no traffic at 6:15am. At first I thought it would be smooth and easy process through security, but the gel ban was still in place (I thought they lifted it), so I had to check my hand carry in. There wasn't a big line at the ATA check-in so that didn't take too long either.


The flight was parked at the end of the concourse, which didn't have many seats for passengers. Boarding took place more or less on time, and we pushed back on schedule.


There was considerable traffic as usual, so it took a bit of time to taxi to position.


We departed northbound, then immediately turning west to cross the Hudson River and towards Chicago.

In-flight Service

Service consisted of a beverage service and food for purchase. There were no televisions, and headsets weren't offered for the audio channels.


The flight approached Chicago from just south of Lake Michigan.

Final Descent

We didn't have to wait too long in line to land at Midway, which is located southwest of the Loop. I purposedly picked a La Guardia to Midway route to minimize travel time from the city. The plane had to make a few sharp turns to get into place for a landing from the northeast.

Hard landing ...

Service Summary

Nothing special or out of the ordinary. The FAs were good. They did their job well and were courteous. The flight wasn't anything special. It seems like a well-travelled route with a lot of frequencies from this small airline. Their flight map is a bit deceiving since they partnered up with Southwest, which has a much larger network.

The only bad thing occurred at the end. It took a while for the luggage to come out. I should've done some more plane spotting at the terminal before waiting at the carousel. There were a lot of Southwest planes, and some had nice unique liveries.

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