Flight Report : London Heathrow - Hong Kong

An evening departure means a fun day in the city before an overnight trip home. I took the Heathrow Express for the first time, a bit appalled by the cost, but then, London is an expensive place. Next time, perhaps I'll time it better and take Heathrow Connect instead.

Air New Zealand operates out of Terminal 1 at Heathrow. It has been renovated, although the old design had low ceilings and could not be changed.

Soon after taking off, food was served. Not bad!

The night continued and we flew over Riga, Latvia, and across Russia. The sunrise came as we neared China.

As the sun came back out, it was time for breakfast again. The pancake was quite good. It was a fairly large breakfast, with fruits, yogurt, the pancake, and muffin.

We descended over Macau, into the South China Sea, and back up into Hong Kong International Airport.

Service Summary

I have flown Air New Zealand for London - Hong Kong in 2007, and their service is not bad. The flight attendants are friendly and the food was quite good. Usually they are the lower-cost option for this route, but they certainly don't miss out on the key things that make a pleasant flight.

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