Lijiang Photo Gallery

A short ride north of Lijiang is the town of Shuhe, where the crowds thin out somewhat.

The tourists have not waken up yet, but the locals were already out grocery shopping.

Rent a bike and ride north towards Baisha, a small town near the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. You share the road with cars and trucks, so be careful!

Baisha is famous for its temple frescoes from the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Since photos are not allowed inside the main temple, the frescoes are reproduced on display as an exhibit. The frescoes are influenced by Naxi, Tibetan, Bai, and Han artists to symbolize harmony among the different groups and religions.

The rest of the town is not that big and appears inundated with foreign tourists. Locals continue their way of life amidst this tourist boom.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain stretches 35km long and it is possible to ascend to the top via cable car. It is an expensive trip, as admissions are charged for entering the park, using the bus to the cable car terminus, and riding the cable car itself. Since the observation point is among the high altitudes, touts sell cannisters of oxygen just in case you get hypoxia upon arrival.

Thanks to the oxygen cannister and traditional Chinese medicine, I survived the altitude.

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