Lijiang Photo Gallery

Surrounded by hills and mountains, this part of town offers panoramic views of the historic city centre over a cup of tea. For those who are not thirsty or hungry, it is also possible to access these rooftop terraces for a token admission fee.

Springs bring precious water to the town and locals use them for washing their laundry and food. A unique supply system also allows water to wash the streets and keep the town clean.

Early morning is the best time of day to explore Lijiang's cobblestone alleys. The crowds have not waken up yet and Lijiang is now too popular among domestic tourists.

With crowded streets, Lijiang's beauty cannot be better appreciated but from an elevated vantage point. The old town centre is made of traditional-style homes with these roofs. You can't hear the bustle and shopping here.

Mu Fu was the local Naxi tribe ruler's residence. The current complex is reconstructed due to damage from war over the centuries and the 1996 earthquake, thanks to UNESCO funding.

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