Flight Report : EZY 7994
Lisbon to Madrid

Afternoon Flight

My flight was supposed to leave in mid-afternoon, so I had some time to wander around Lisbon in the morning before leisurely making my way to the airport. There is a special airport bus that charged a fortune by local standards. I remember taking the local bus when I arrived a couple of days ago, but decided not to wait on the street with my luggage any more when the expensive one showed up.

The airport wasn't too far from city centre, and soon we arrived at a very dark and dreary terminal. The ceilings were decorated with metallic installations, but they probably would look much better with a few skylights and more natural lighting. After passing a security gate upstairs, I emerged in a much newer and cheerful terminal building for check-in.

I had already checked in online already, and only had hand-carry luggage, so I took a few pictures and then hurried to see some TAP planes. I was hoping to get a lot of photos of this airline which I don't usually get to see from my travels.


We were slightly delayed for departure, but by then, I photographed pretty much everything on this side of the terminal. easyJet actually used the airbridge in Lisbon, which was quite different than what I expect from a low cost carrier.

After a quick taxi, we took off towards the northeast. Sitting on the right side by the window, I got to see the World Expo site as we climbed towards Spain.

The weather in Madrid was quite good, but as it was already late afternoon, I rushed out hoping to do some sightseeing before the sun sets on this autumn day. Although easyJet also used the airbridge, the walk to the metro station was long, and after several transfers, I made it out to the city centre!

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