Flight Report : FR 8546 - London to Berlin

Ryanair FR 8546
London Stansted (STN) to Berlin Schonefeld (SXF)
Departure Time : 5 May 2006 @ 1835
Expected Arrival : 2120
Flight Time : about 2 hours
Price : GBP 6.99 + 15.18 taxes + 0.4 booking fee = GBP 22.57 per person

Although the flight departure time was 1835, as Stansted is quite far from Central London, we had to catch the 1530 bus from Victoria to the airport. Due to congestion in Central London, it took about 90 minutes to reach Stansted. In the end, the timing was about right after all.

As usual, Stansted was a busy airport with a lot of passengers boarding flights that afternoon.

Ryanair's airplanes are amassed at the 40-50-series of gates. It is a reasonable walk from the security checkpoint. Our boarding gate was all the way at the end of that far-flung pier.

Although we were among the last third of the people in line, we were able to secure window seats at the back of the plane. The lesson, once again, is to board from the rear doors.

It didn't take too long to wait for takeoff. The flight departed on schedule.

The skies over London were starting to cloud over during the early evening. That made for some nice contrasts and lighting effects with pockets of blue sky amidst a sea of grey clouds.

Service-wise, Ryanair flight attendants always had smiles on their faces. They were quick to sell a lot of things on board, from drinks and sandwiches to raffle tickets, which was consistent with my previous Ryanair flights.

A blanket of smog covered the skies above continental Europe.

The sun begins to set as we prepare to descend into Berlin.

Schonefeld is a fairly small airport on the south side of Berlin. It is conveniently served by an S-bahn line which goes directly into the city centre.

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