Flight Report : EZY 3461
London Stansted (STN) to Copenhagen (CPH)

It was a very early morning departure from London, quite usual after a few similar trips on easyJet or Ryanair. It was so early I decided to stay in the Stansted area overnight so I could wake up later in the day - at around 5am.

Check-in was smooth, although there was a long line. Agents quickly opened a few more lines and the lines moved quickly. In no time I got my boarding pass and was ready to go.

The departure gate is a bit farther from the main terminal, and I took the people mover to get there.

Boarding took place with 2 staircases as usual from the tarmac, just as the sunrise began on a cloudy day in London.

Unlike Ryanair, the safety cards are available in hard copy, rather than pasted at the back of the seat.

Interesting spotting opportunities! You don't see Air Greenland everyday (see photo left below)!

My first impression of Denmark upon disembarking was ... design well done. I wanted to explore this award-winning airport a little bit before hitting the town, and was quite amazed at how well they designed this small airport.

Now off to the city on the metro. The extension linking to the airport only opened recently! A very nice lady lent me some Danish change as my credit card didn't work on the ticket vending machine.

Flight Summary

The flight to Copenhagen wasn't long at all - about 90 minutes - and the experience was typical of a low-cost journey. The FAs did what they were supposed to do, although drinks and food weren't free. However, easyJet sold a lot less stuff than Ryanair on their flights. The weather wasn't so good leaving London, with some breaks in the skies as we approached Copenhagen, but cloudy again for landing.

I had the alternative of flying Ryanair into Malmo, and then transferring out to Copenhagen. Although Ryanair's airfares were substantially cheaper (GBP 10 each way including tax), adding the transit cost from Malmo airport would've made the total difference very minimal. With an interest to see Copenhagen's award-winning airport, I made the choice to fly easyJet instead.

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