Flight Report : FR 052 - London Stansted to Stockholm Skavsta

Ryanair FR 052
London Stansted (STN) to Stockholm Skavsta (NYO)
Departure Time : 13 May 2006 @ 0835
Expected Arrival : 1140
Flight Time : about 2 hours
Price : GBP 0.01 + 13.45 taxes + 3.48 Aviation / WCHR levy = GBP 16.94

It was an early morning departure from Central London at around 6am for the Stansted Express. As usual, Stansted was fairly busy in the morning. Check-in was quite smooth, although I had a high check-in number so I wouldn't have first choices at the seats.

The aircraft had a special livery with the 'City of Nykoping' inscribed on the side.

It was a quick taxi to takeoff. Goodbye to the cloudy skies over England!

The skies started to clear as we flew over Scandinavia.

It was an uncomfortable descent into Skavsta, which is about an hour and a half south of Stockholm. Although the weather was fairly clear, it was extremely bumpy. The plane made several sharp curves and it seemed quite close to the ground. In fact, I could see the plane's shadow moving along the land.

Another Ryanair flight was on the ground when we arrived. It was a long walk to the customs area, but the process didn't take too long. Then it was off to the bus stop for the connection to Stockholm.

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