Flight Report
TS 623 London Gatwick - Toronto

TS 623
London Gatwick - Toronto Pearson
Departure Time : 21 May 2006 @ 1200

The trip begins at Victoria Station, where I boarded a Gatwick Express train for the 35 minute journey to the airport. Although I wasn't particularly late, arriving about an hour and a half prior to departure, I was among the last people to check-in.

It was raining that morning in London. Although the flight was supposed to depart at 1200, there was a delay due to the incoming aircraft arriving late, so in the end we waited quite some time in the lounge.

I didn't particularly liked Gatwick's design. You submit your boarding pass at the entrance to the gate and you're stuck inside the waiting area until boarding begins. I couldn't walk around to take pictures of airplanes since all the gates are sealed and I couldn't go into the windows to snap photos.

We were finally able to board and the flight departed an hour behind schedule. To make things worse, it had to make a stop in Manchester, adding 2 more hours to the journey.

The flight to Manchester was fairly short - about 35-45 minutes. However, there was an hour layover in Manchester and we couldn't leave the plane.

More than half the passengers got off in Manchester, which meant it would take some time to board the flight again. In the meantime, I took pictures of the aircraft moving about on the tarmac.

There was no choice in the meal.

The flight path into Toronto went south of the city over Lake Ontario, then turning west and then north back to the airport over the city's west end.

To re-use these photos, please notify me by email : asiaglobe@yahoo.com.hk.

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