London - South of the Thames Photo Gallery

The business district has creeped south of the Thames with the construction of the Shard. Supported by the State of Qatar in 2008, the vision of redeveloping prime lands above London Bridge station cme to fruition.

To get a free view of all that progress, head up the Tate Modern's viewing gallery.

Suburbs in the southeast of London are only a short train ride from Canary Wharf's skyscrapers, but they are mostly lowrise, quiet, and still within the middle class family's price range.

These mews have been adapted from horse stables to artists' studios.

Skyscraper apartments are not common. Instead, monotonous lowrise residentials dominate the streetscapes. The train network is not as dense as north of the Thames so residents may need a bus connection first.

Brixton Market has covered arcades to protect from the elements, making shopping a bit more comfortable in wet and cold wintry London.

London typically doesn't get big snowstorms. While this one seems little compared to Canadian standards, it was enough to paralyze the train network already.

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