Los Angeles Photo Gallery - Historic Buildings

Arriving from the suburbs into Union Station, I was impressed by the 1939 structure's grand waiting hall.

The downtown core has a number of older buildings with intricate carvings.

LA Central Library occupies a stately block, surrounded by much taller buildings. Originally opened in 1926, fire nearly destroyed it in 1986, but it has since been restored, giving nearby office workers a great place to relax.

There isn't a grand staircase within sight when you enter the library from the street, but find your way up to see the beautiful rotunda.

The Tom Bradley Wing was built to expand the library. Its opening was delayed by fires and an earthquake, finally opening in 1993.

Downtown's streets are laid out in a grid pattern, so it is easy to navigate block by block. Despite not being near the infamous Skid Row, the homeless presence was quite visible already.

The Biltmore Hotel opened in 1923 looks imposing outside.

Although Pershing Square is spacious with lots of seats, the sight of so many homeless and crazy people here was a bit unnerving.

All this within steps from tall skyscrapers of wealth.

Renovated in 2013, Grand Central Market is quite busy with the lunch crowd. If you can't find a seat near your stall, head downstairs for more tables.

Don't expect to find a traditional market selling raw ingredients. This place has turned more upscale rather than the daily needs shopper.

While the Bradbury Building across the street looks nothing special, go inside and be amazed. They are used to seeing tourists so there are signs everywhere telling where you cannot go, which is pretty much anything above the ground floor, although the staircases are fine. Gaze at the interior courtyard, stair railings, and birdcage elevators for their details.

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