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Lukang was once one of Taiwan's main ports, and an important point of arrival for Fujianese immigrants in the 17th and 18th centuries. This is not surprising, as it is the closest point on Taiwan to Quanzhou on the other side of the strait. Its name means "deer port" although the deer are long gone and the coast is further west today thanks to silting by the late 19th century. With the port shut and the capital moving north to Taipei, Lukang declined.

Wenkai Academy

Longshan Temple

Din family residence

Historic Centre

Modern Grit

Lukang is not connected by rail, but getting there is easy. Take a train to Changhua first, then head to the basic-looking bus station on Zhongzheng Road across from the station square. Look for the McDonald's across the street as a landmark. Take a local bus for the rest of the way.

With Changhua only a short 15-20 minute train ride from Taichung and the bus ride taking under an hour, this is a perfectly do-able day trip if you are in the central Taiwan area.