Luodong Night Market Photo Gallery

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Located in Yilan County on Taiwan's serene east coast, Luodong isn't a big tourist town but locals love its night market. If you have had enough of Taipei's touristy night markets, do make the trip here. From the Xinyi bus station, frequent departures take just a little over an hour to get here. Trains take longer as it loops around the coast, and both trains and buses stop next to each other in the town.

The market occupies a number of roads centered on Gongyuan Road and around Zhongshan Park.

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A cold lemon drink only sets you back 40 Taiwan Dollars. With an exchange rate of 30 to 1 USD, it is a bargain by international standards.

More traditional cold juices cost even less.

Being near the sea, there is plenty of seafood options at various levels of spiciness.

Guava is a Taiwanese specialty crop.

Anyone want to brave their stomachs with some raw fish on a hot summer day?

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