Luoyang City Scenes Photo Gallery

Entry into Luoyang's old town starts at the rebuilt Lijingmen, which follows a lively tourist market through its narrow streets. A small admission allows entry on top of the walls for a view of the city. Today, the gate doesn't separate the urban from the rural areas anymore.

Back at street level, there is plenty of activity happening, although the shopping and foods were not so enticing.

Baima Temple is located far in the outskirts, costing a steep 60 yuan from the Longmen railway station. It is considered to be the first surviving Buddhist temple in China, with origins from the 1st century. Today's structures are more recent reconstructions.

Across from the temple is a Thai-style annex that looks brand new.

The new high-speed trains stop at Longmen station south of the city. There were plenty of residential plots surrounding the station's large and rather empty square.

From here, Zhengzhou is only a short 40-minute ride away.