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Largo de Santo Agostinho

With cobblestone pavement and surrounded by several European-style buildings, it doesn't feel like Asia at all in this corner of Macau.

Biblioteca Sir Robert Ho Tung

Hong Kong businessman Sir Robert Ho Tung purchased this residence in 1918. Following hi death in 1955, the building was given to the government and currently serves as a library.

Igreja de Santo Agostinho

Teatro D. Pedro V

It was an easy walk downhill to the next stop.

Igreja de S. Lourenco

Dating from the mid-16th century, this is one of the oldest churches in the city. Families of Portuguese salors used to gather on the front steps to pray for their safe return. The current appearance dates from the mid-1800s.

There are no shortage of churches in Macau. It wasn't too long before I encountered the next big church.

Igreja de S. Jose

With a very low-profile entrance, I walked up the steps hearing a sports game rumbling by on the left, and arrived at this big church.

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Wallpaper images are provided by the Monetary Authority of Macao .

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