Welcome to the Madrid Photo Gallery

Located in the centre of Spain, I planned 3 days for Madrid after a much longer stay in Lisbon prior. I had purposedly budgeted less time here as I thought there is less to see than in Barcelona, but in the end rushed around quite a lot as I had spent 2 of those 3 days on day trips outside the city. Nevertheless, the city centre has nice historic and monumental architecture, and if you have a few extra days to spare, you can hit the impressive museums on offer.

Walking Tour 1 - Royal Palace area

Walking Tour 2 - Historic Centre Plaza Mayor to Puerta del Sol

Walking Tour 3 - Puerta del Sol to Parque del Retiro

Walking Tour 4 - Modern Madrid


Be sure to plan these 2 day trips just a short distance from the city. Spain has a good high-speed train network so getting around is quite easy. While both are historical places, the feel is quite different, and each is grand in its own way.

Segovia 1

Segovia 2

Segovia 3

Toledo 1

Toledo 2

Toledo 3

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