Malang Photo Gallery - Part 1

Getting to Malang is fairly simple. The easiest way is to take the train from Surabaya's Gubeng station near the submarine monument. However, there aren't too many trains so pre-book your seat online way in advance. The train will take about 2 hours and pull into the heart of Malang where you can walk to the various sights. The alternative is to take a bus, but the bus stations are far from the city centre in both cities.

If you have successfully booked your train ticket online, find one of these terminals to print your boarding pass with your reservation alphanumeric.

Gubeng station is a bit rustic so keep an eye on the manual signs to find your train.

At an altitude of 444m, Malang's climate is slightly cooler.

A short walk away is alun-alun, the traffic circle with a park and monument in the middle.

You will notice locals use these blue vans as a form of public transport.

2 major buildings front the traffic circle. The Mayor's Office is closed to the public.

Malang's most famous attraction is the Hotel Tugu Malang, whose owner is an avid collector of Asian art. Visitors can pay for a tour of the various rooms and the collection. While staff recommend visiting at sunset when the lights turn on, you can request a tour at any time. Residents get the tour for free.

The best suite in the house is accessed via an indiscriminate hallway, but it opens up into a large paradise.

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