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Menara Gardens and a Supermarket Spree

Menara Gardens boasts an interesting tale. A sultan lured guests here for dinner and sent them into the pools to drown. Today, it is a nice park with lots of royal olive groves and dromedaries to ride. This would be a nice place to escape the bustling and chaotic souqs

Recharged, I headed to the supermarket to shop for some souvenirs to bring home. While Casablanca would be my next stop before flying out the next day, I wanted to see their art deco buildings, so would not have spare time to explore the shops.

My first stop was to find argan butter, a delicious topping for my breakfast toast.

There is plenty of cheese, and prices even for familiar brands are much cheaper than back home.

Look at all the brands available, and there is no need to keep them cool for the long plane ride home.

Bordering on the Atlantic, canned fish was also in plenty supply. One can can cost as little as 50 cents USD.

The suburban areas look normal and not super dense.

Screaming tourist trap all over, the dinner and restaurant show at Chez Ali is quite impressive with many actors, animals, and incredible sound effects.

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