Medellin Photo Gallery - Metrocable Line K

To combat poverty and the drug trade in the barrios, Medellin devised an interesting transport option to make these areas more accessible, allowing residents to efficiently and affordably come down to the city for jobs. Today, there are several Metrocable lines on both sides of the mountains surrounding the city and they are fully integrated with the metro system for a bargain basement price of about USD $1. Line K reaches up the eastern slopes towards Santo Domingo with 2 stops along the way. What used to be a painful journey through congested narrow streets for hours is now a comfortable and reasonably short commute.

From Acevedo station, the views of the line and the mountains are spectacular.

Unfortunately, the windows on these cable cars are not that clean so the views are a bit scratched up.

Do step out at the intermediate stations and enjoy the view from the platforms, then hop back onto the next cable car.

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