Medellin Photo Gallery - Santo Domingo

In many cities, hillside locations with city views are prestigious districts where the wealthy call home. This isn't the case for Santo Domingo, which was once a crime-ridden barrio. As part of its rejuvenation, a cable car was built to connect the area with the metro line downhill, hoping better transport will allow residents to find jobs in the city. Having jobs meant less reliance on the drug trade. A library funded by Spain was opened in 2007 near the cable car terminus, although it was closed when I visited.

The neighbourhood is safe to explore during the day. A short walk from the cable car terminus is an observation point overlooking the valley and the entire city. It's hard to believe why this is not a multi-million dollar view. Life seems otherwise normal here, with kids playing, locals going about doing their business. Homes were sturdy, built of brick, and were by no means vulnerable metal shacks with plastic roof covers like in other shantytowns I have visited.

From the city, take the Metrocable Line K from Acevedo metro station on Line A.

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