Medellin Photo Gallery - Metrocable Line J

To combat poverty and the drug trade in the barrios, Medellin devised an interesting transport option to make these areas more accessible, allowing residents to efficiently and affordably come down to the city for jobs. Today, there are several Metrocable lines on both sides of the mountains surrounding the city and they are fully integrated with the metro system for a bargain basement price of about USD $1. Line J opened in 2008 and reaches up the western slopes towards La Aurora across several hills with 2 stops along the way.

This line traverses up and down several hills, offering a more varied journey with changing landscapes. Medellin's skyline is closer here than from the Santo Domingo side.

Unlike the Santo Domingo side, visitors are not recommended to get off at the terminus and explore around. This area is still being slowly gentrified and is not ready to receive tourists safely yet.

However, it is safe to get out at the intermediate stations and enjoy the views from the platform.

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