Medellin Photo Gallery - Plaza Minorista

For an authentic local shopping experience, Plaza Minorista is a feast to the senses. Crowded, dark, and without the fancy furnishings of an upscale supermarket, these are more than compensated by the friendly vendors who smile and give way to the odd tourist looking for exotic fruits and photography opportunities.

The market opened in 1984 to give hawkers an indoor home and now has some 2500 stalls spread across 2 floors. There is a disproportionately large number of fruit and vegetable stalls, and some South American fruits are indeed very unique. I would recommend joining a local tour to understand more about the exotic fare, although I was short on time and had to explore on my own early one morning.

Other than fruits and vegetables, there is also a selection of other dried goods, cheeses, and meat on sale.

For an inland city, I was surprised there were large fish on sale. I suppose they don't fish them out of the area anyway.

They were enthusiastic to see the tourist drop by and taking pictures.

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