Miyajima Photo Gallery

Toyokuni Shrine is dedicated to warload Hideyoshi. It was requested to be built in the 16th century as a library, and remains unfinished today after construction stopped 11 years after Hideyoshi's death.

With shoes off, many visitors were sitting by the edge of the structure enjoying a bit of autumn breeze.

Gojunoto was originally built in 1407 and was subsequently restored in 1533. Standing at over 27m tall, its location on top of a hill gives it a commanding view of the town. A major restoration in 1945 gave it a new coating of red lacquer.

A shuttle bus wipes out the uphill walk to the Miyajima Ropeway. But with limited seats and not so frequent service, I decided to walk instead. Mount Misan is a spiritual site with numerous temples scattered around the hilltops.

This 1200-year old holy fire in Reikado Hall is revered for its disease-curing properties. Many visitors were enjoying a sip of boiled water inside this small building.

A brand new rest station with wood benches and spectacularly-clean toilets is a wonderful place to be after a long walk up here.

Back downhill, I savoured the local oysters cooked in different ways. I think BBQ grill is the best, although fried and mixed with egg in rice is still delicious.

The other local specialty is momijimanju, a maple leaf-shaped cake with different types of filling inside. These would make wonderful snacks during my long days of walking in Chugoku.

Tired but full, I head back to the "mainland" to catch sunset in Iwakuni.

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