Miyazaki Photo Gallery

Aoshima is a small island that has interesting rock formations around it. Only 30 minutes from the city, it is best to visit the shrine and walk around the island during low tide.

The gate symbolizes you are nearing the shrine in the middle of the island.

A dense forest takes over and you won't see any signs of the ocean and beach within the shrine's grounds.

You can try your luck and throw these plates into the trees.

Udo Shrine is located inside a cave overlooking the ocean. The approach is quite interesting. From the bus stop, climb uphill, cross a tunnel, then down the stairs until you see the ocean. Then head along the coast and you will see another long staircase for the cave.

Aim these good luck charms at the circle on the rock. Most will likely bounce off and fall into the ocean below.

Meanwhile, the rest of the city wasn't too busy even for a weekday.

Food prices here were considerably cheaper than Kanto or Kansai.

Heiwadai was built in 1940 with the Peace Tower standing 37m tall.

Miyazaki Shrine

Nearby, traditional homes are part of the prefectural museum's display. Unfortunately, the interior exhibits were closed for the day.

At night, the streets around the pedestrian shopping arcade get quite busy, with a seemingly promiscuous prostitution trade alive and in a soliciting mood.