Road Trip From Erfoud to Ouarzazate - Photo Gallery

After an early morning outing to the Sahara, I almost wanted to sleep through the half day road trip to Ouarzazate. However, there are a few areas of interest along the way to keep me awake.

The highlights of this journey include :

  • huge underground caverns in the desert where water can be found
  • more oasis towns, more greenery where you didn't expect so
  • a gorge with some fresh water to cool down

    Despite the seemingly desert landscape, there are massive underground caverns where water and cooler temperatures await.

    Pulling into town, students just happened to finish class at the same time.

    Continuing west for another hour, Tinghir is a beautiful oasis town with lots of green set amidst an background of arid mountains.

    Just outside of town, Todra Gorge is a 300m-deep fault that has a narrow opening, making the two sides of mountains very dramatic.

    After a short walk, it was time to hit the road again, pulling into a rest stop 3 hours later to see some traditional artisan work.

    It would be another 90 minutes to reach Ouarzazate's Taourirt Kasbah, the former palace for the clan that controlled the West African caravan routes. Built in the late 19th century, it has been restored with UNESCO assistance.