Moscow Photo Gallery

This gate marks one of the entry points into Red Square at the heart of Moscow.

The State Historical Museum consists of 2 floors of exhibitions. The design dates from an architectural competition in 1874.

The GUM department store is quite an institution on Red Square. It is a large classical building, quite imposing amidst the other grand buildings on this square.

Inside, the glass roof captured and trapped the sunlight and its warm rays within. It was a hot greenhouse.

St. Basil's Cathedral was built in 1561 to mark Ivan the Terrible's defeat of the Khan of Kazan.

The Kremlin is a 28-hectare fortress that dates from the 12th century. It remains a citadel with walls that remain standing today.

Not everything in the Kremlin is historic. The State Kremlin Palace really destroys the atmoshpere of the fortress.

At 40 tons, the Tsar Cannon dates from 1586 but it was never shot during its history.

The Tsar Bell was cast in 1733 and weighs 202 tons. Standing at 6.14m high, the crack was caused by temperature difference when cold water fell on the bell during the fire of 1737.

The Annunciation Cathedral was completed in 1489. Several extensions later, the cathedral resumed services in 1993.

The Assumption Cathedral was designed by an Italian architect and was completed in 1479 to be the main church in the Kremlin. Photography inside is forbidden so you need to admire the murals and icons with your eyes only.

The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour was destroyed by the Soviets in 1931 but the tower they planned to build on the site never materialized. The church was rebuilt in 2000.

This pedestrian bridge offers a great vista of the cathedral and also the Kremlin nearby.

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