Moscow Photo Gallery

Gogolevsky is a leafy, quiet street with a park in the median.

At the next main intersection, I turned to find a few modern tall buildings.

Arbat is a major pedestrian shopping street, but at this hour, it was not yet open for business.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs is one of 7 major Stalin-style buildings in Moscow. It is quite imposing on the skyline.

Moscow State University was established in 1755 and now has 40,000 students.

Situated on top of a hill, the university offers commanding views of new and old Moscow.

Victory Park commemorates those who perished in World War II and celebrates the Soviet Union's victory over the Nazis.

The All-Russian Exhibition Center was originally used to showcase Soviet national achievements when it opened in 1939 and consisted of many pavilions for industries and republics. Today, the site is more like a carnival, with the buildings converted into recreational use, shops, or warehouses.

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