Mumbai Photo Gallery - Fort

Horniman Circle's gardens and buildings were built in the 1860s after the Fort's walls were demolished. This was Mumbai's first planned business district, with the first completed building housing the Bank of Bombay.

Town Hall fronts one side of the circle. 200 feet long and 100 feet deep, the building was completed in 1833.

St. Thomas' Cathedral is the oldest British church in the city. Opened in 1718, it continues to offer services today. Gothic elements were subsequently added in the 1800s.

HSBC occupies this handsome colonial building steps from the circle.

Would you try some of the street food?

The Flora Fountain is sculpted in Portland stone and was placed here in 1869. At a cost of 9000 pounds sterling, it originally marked a main gate into the Fort. Unfortunately, the surrounding landscape has been blighted by a parking lot.

A variety of small stores line the streets. Go get a new key and then a few photocopies next door.

D Naoroji Road used to run parallel to the ramparts and was widened in 1865 to connect the public buildings near Flora Fountain with Victoria Terminus. On the western side of the street are well-laid-out buildings while the eastern side shows a more organic, chaotic side of the city. These buildings on the western side were built under strict design controls in 1896, with mandatory arcades and government approval of the designs.

The JN Petit Library is a neo-classical building completed in 1898.

The General Post Office was completed in 1911 and continues to function today. The interiors are a bit basic although the dome above the main hall is impressive and you can buy a cheap stamp for the postcard heading home.

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