Nagasaki Photo Gallery

Welcome to Nagasaki, with a spectacular coastal setting enhanced by hills. This was a major trading port and home to many foreigners since the 17th century.

How to Get There?
From Fukuoka, take the Limited Express Kamome to Nagasaki (2 hours).
Highway buses ply the route and are cheaper, taking 2.5 hours.

Part 1
Check out Dejima, the original Portuguese settlement that was built to contain the European influence and spread of Christianity. Then have a champon for lunch in Chinatown, followed by a walk up to Glover Garden for a lovely view of the city.

Part 2
Explore the city on a historic tram, then walk along the slopes to admire European architecture from a bygone era, see how objects were melted during the atomic blast, and end the day with an excursion to Mount Inasa for sunset.

Part 3
Explore Gunkanjima, an abandoned coal mining island off the coast.