Nagoya Photo Gallery - Views from the Castle & Midland Square

Nagoya Castle was built in 1612 along the Tokaido Road for protecting the vital link with Osaka. Today's castle is a reconstruction from 1959 as the original and the Hommaru Palace were destroyed in World War II.

The Hommaru Palace is being rebuilt based on historic records. The first sections opened to the public in May 2013, but the reconstruction will continue until 2018. Some parts of the original survived the air raids, such as paintings and sliding doors.

From the top floor of the main castle tower, a panoramic view of the city awaits. However, Nagoya Castle no longer stands out in the modern skyline.

Midland Square is a new 247m building that opened in 2007. Located next to the main railway station, has an open-air observation deck on its top floor. Here is a view looking south.

Looking east, the city is laid out in a defined form and the shopping district of Sakae is in the distance.

Looking north, Nagoya Castle is ... small.

Across the street on the west side, JR Central Towers sit on top of the main railway station.

The observation deck is outdoor and features a descending pathway along 3 corners of the building. There is a cafe at the bottom pit for a refreshing snack after a long day sightseeing!

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