Nagoya Photo Gallery - Sakae

Sakae is Nagoya's shopping district. The streets were quiet in the morning as the stores haven't opened yet. Nagoya isn't a particularly dense city at all.

Oasis 21 opened in 2002 and is shaped like a spaceship. A park tops this weird structure with shopping below.

The Aichi Prefetural Museum of Art has a small but free observation deck on the top floor with views of Sakae and the train station area further west.

At 180m tall, Nagoya TV Tower opened in 1954 and has an observation deck about half way up. With not too many tall buildings in the area, the views are already very good.





Nagoya City Archives was originally built as a courthouse in 1922. Designed in the neo-Baroque style, it is an exhibition centre of various topics, such as court proceedings and historic architecture.

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