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The SCMAGLEV and Railway Park is a huge museum in the southern port area of the city. Exhibitions include old Shinkansen trains and descriptions of Japan's maglev developments over the years. Below is the C62 steam locomotive, the fastest of its type in narrow gauge.

MLX01-1 Superconducting Maglev

Several generations of Shinkansen trains are on display in the main hall.

The Series 0 is the original Shinkansen.

Various prototype designs of maglev trains are on display. The Japanese were already researching this technology in the 1970's.

Class Kuha 381 Electric Railcar (left) and Class Moha 52 Electric Railcar (right)

Class Kiha 82 Diesel Railcar

Dr. Yellow is the Shinkansen diagnostic vehicle, painted in this colour to distinguish from other rolling stock.

All aboard the Shinkansen!

The Nagoya City Museum is located quite far from the city centre, but at least walkable from the subway. The museum traces the city's history from the hunter-gatherer days to the modern city.

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