Nagoya Photo Gallery - Toyota Automobile Museum

Nagoya is Japan's car manufacturing powerhouse, being Toyota's home. They have 3 museums in the city, of which this gallery features the Toyota Automobile Museum, built to commemorate the history of the autombile.

The Toyota Model AA is the company's 1st passenger vehicle in 1936. This model is a replica of the original.

Upstairs, there is a vast collection of historic foreign vehicles.

This Cadillac Model A is the company's first product, dating from 1902.

The Stutz Bearcat Series F is a race car from 1914.

The Isotta-Fraschini Tipo I is an Italian race car from 1908.

This luxury vehicle by Delage (Type D8-120) dates from 1939.

This Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz dates from the late 1950's, featuring features such as tail fins, air suspension, and chrome parts.

Not sure how Packard Twelve made it to Japan, but this 1939 vehicle was used by US President Franklin D. Roosevelt. For such an important occupant, the car has tank armor and bullet-proof glass.

Left : The Italian Lancia Astura Tipo 233C was unveiled in 1931.

This 1929 Duesenberg Model J had racing car-like engines and a body built by the finest coach builders in the US.

Left : The Daimler Type 45 was a British-built luxury car from 1920 and was popular with the royal family and the upper classes.

The 1928 Hispano-Suiza 32CV from France used aircraft technology in its brakes, as well as a light alloy engine.

The 1912 Cadillac Model 30 is the first vehicle with a self-starting motor, so drivers no longer needed to wind cranks.

The Chevrolet Series 490 from 1918 competed against Ford's Model T. It had a selling price of $490.

A more Japanese collection is on display one further floor up, with the first centerpiece being the 1955 Toyopet Crown.

Below (1-3) : Datsun Model 11 Phaeton (1932)

Below (4-5) : Tsukuba-go (1935) - with only about 130 units produced.

The 1951 Toyopet Model SA had 4-wheel suspension, a backbone frame, and column-shift transmission.

The 3-wheel Fujicabin Model 5A was designed by Ryuichi Tomiya.

In another section of exhibition across from the main building, this Locomobile Steamer from 1899 appeared in the National Industrial Exposition in 1903.

This Rover 6HP was built by the British in 1907.

Left : This futuristic 3-wheel Toyota i-Real was built in 2009 and can run on electricity for up to 30 km per charge. It uses a drive controller using 1 hand only and has a perimenter monitoring sensor yo detect obstacles and alerts. Toyota is implementing practice trials and hopes to start commercial production in the future.

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