Flight Report :
NH 922 Shanghai Pudong - Tokyo Narita

Smooth Check-in

I lived at the airport hotel the night before, so it was a leisurely stroll to the terminal for check-in early in the morning. The process was smooth and there was barely a wait in line.

The new terminal is a nice facility. It's very roomy and the crowds disperse within the large space.

Not a busy day on the international side of the terminal that morning.

Backing out ...

Waiting for passengers ...

I will be flying this plane to Tokyo today.

Here comes a German visitor. Spotting is not that easy in the terminal. The glass is slanted and a safety bar prevents people from getting right to the edge, so it takes some creative squeezing beneath the safety bar to get rid of the reflection and take photos.

I settled in at the back with my right-side window.

I haven't seen a China Eastern 747 for a long time!

The skies cleared as we took off for Tokyo!

Delicious Meal

It's been a while since I flew Business Class, and this meal can compare to those meals. It was a decent-sized lunch, with a delicious appetizer, rice dish, and soba noodles. Great food ...

This plane didn't seem particularly old, but it has been kept in very good condition.

Descent from the North

Soon we started turning and the Japanese coast could be seen underneath the clouds. We approached Narita from the north. At this time, the cabin crew reminded passengers to turn off electronic devices, including cameras.

Long Journey into Town

Immigration didn't take too long to clear, and the luggage came out within a reasonable amount of time. Although customs was interested to see what I had in my big, empty suitcase, I was out waiting for the Narita Express shortly.

Unfortunately, I had to switch trains to reach my destination. I got a taste of a local train's crowds even before the full-blown rush hour.

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