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Niagara Falls Photo Gallery

Niagara is about a 2-hour drive from Toronto. Luckily, the casino buses run very frequently so it is easy to reach this beautiful border town, and win your bus fare back in the process.

Fallsview Casino towers over the Niagara River.

Many hotels now line along the riverside, although in a structured way such that they don't block each other out. Everyone can learn to share the views.

Skylon Tower continues to be a sightseeing landmark, although the tall hotels next door probably have rendered this structure obsolete.

Being a tourist town, they do a good job beautifying the streets.

A long promenade stretches along the riverfront with nice views of the 3 falls. Views are far better on the Canadian side.

Maid of the Mist boats depart from both Canadian and American sides. How you can tell is by the colour of their raincoats.

The promenade itself is not too wide but has protective railings to prevent people from falling over.

The boats venture quite close to the waterfall, where you will most certainly get drenched. I could feel the spray already high above along the promenade.

Looking back, Rainbow Bridge is the best crossing to the United States to enjoy a wide view of this natural wonder.

Head upstairs, pay a small charge, and you are on your way to the United States.

With blue skies, I was surprised there weren't more pedestrians today.

The American side wasn't as busy but the riverfront walk towards the top of the falls was nevertheless pleasant.

The winds picked up incredibly and it was like a hurricane was coming in. Add the spray on top and you will be cold and wet.

After a tiring walk, it was time to head back to Canada for a late lunch.