Norway Road Trip Photo Gallery - Oslo to Hemsedal

The route between Oslo and Bergen is quite popular among tourists. For single travellers, many go for a public transport itinerary with a combination of rail and ferry connections. For a larger group, I would suggest renting a car, as you can stop along the way to enjoy the mountain scenery.

It is an easy drive out of Oslo on the main E16 highway towards Bergen. There are some towns along the way, but for a food break, some gas stations offer hot meals at a more reasonable price. Eating out in Norway can get very expensive very quickly.

A major benefit of driving is the increased flexibility of pulling over to absorb the beauty of nature. You won't likely encounter massive crowds, such as this spot by Krøderen lake.

The lake narrows at Noresund and there is a simple beach for residents to enjoy the cool summer day.

It is a very long day if you try to make it to Bergen, which takes at least 7 hours without stops. We broke up the journey into 2 days, overnighting in one of the many small towns along the way.

Taking the side roads hoping for more scenery, Highway 7 is fairly quiet with some pullover areas to stop and take a few photos.

We were forced to detour up the hills as a cycling race was imminently coming through. The scenery further up was surprisingly good, with flowers, mountains, and plenty of fresh air.

The town of Hemsedal would be a good rest stop for gas as well as a drink.

Afterwards, more beautiful river and lake views ahead on Highway 52.

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