Norway Road Trip Photo Gallery - Kristiansund

Made up of 4 islands and surrounded by water, Kristiansund's historic old town was destroyed by the Germans in 1940, and the city looks a bit bland and boring today. It is the centre of the country's klipfish industry, which is dry and salted cod, while various vessels for the North Sea's oil industry call here.

My accommodation just off the tunnel exit into the city featured beautiful sea views.

The Varden stands 78m above sea level, the highest point on Kirkelandet island. It was a watch tower and guide for boat traffic and can be climbed nowadays for the view.

Homes in the area's side streets are colourful although the sky was a bit dreary on the day of my visit.

Heading into town, the boldly-designed Kirkelandet Church was consecrated in 1964. 320 colour glass windows in shades of red and yellow bring a special lighting effect inside, dubbed "rock crystals in roses".

Otherwise, the buildings on these streets are modern and quiet. I would suggest parking around here and then walk into the city centre to explore.

Mellemværftet is a historic shipyard with buildings dating from the 1870s and 1880s. It operated commercially from 1850-1978, and is now the country's only living shipbuilding museum.

Further south, the promenade is nicer to walk along and there are more larger and modern boats docked.

Innlandet is the smallest of the city's 4 islands and some of it was spared from the World War II bombs. The old town is just next to the Sundbaten ferry pier. These are small boats that ply the various islands.

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