Norway Road Trip Photo Gallery - Hemsedal to Laerdal

The route between Oslo and Bergen is quite popular among tourists. For single travellers, many go for a public transport itinerary with a combination of rail and ferry connections. For a larger group, I would suggest renting a car, as you can stop along the way to enjoy the mountain scenery.

There is no shortage of scenery along the drive. Although many places are not major parks and may not even have proper name signs, these random stops are rewarding and typically deserted.

With a few cars parked next to the highway along a lake, we stopped to see why. There is a small hill that offers a nice vantage point of the highway and beautiful surroundings. This is another one of many random photo-taking spots along the scenic route.

One of the major attractions just off the E16 highway is the Borgund Stave Church, which was built in 1180 and purchased by the National Trust of Norway in 1877 for preservation. These types of Medieval wooden churches can be found across Scandinavia.

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