Norway Road Trip Photo Gallery - Hardangerfjord to Bergen

The furthest point on today's drive would be the Fossli Hotel, which is perched at the top of the fjord's northern edge and overlooks another waterfall, Vøringsfoss. Leave your car here and walk around the various paths, all with great views.

The family-owned Fossli Hotel's history goes back to the late 19th century, hosting kings and queens who came to see the waterfalls.

The walking paths are well-paved and not strenuous as you are already at a high vatage point so there is no need to climb further.

Satisfied, it was time to make the long drive back to Bergen.

Heading back across the bridge to Granvin, the route along the northern edge of the fjord is also scenic all the way to Norheimsund. This section has been designated one of Norway's 18 recommended scenic routes.

Norway's highways oftentimes would cross bodies of water. Ferries make that journey connecting roads on both sides.

Instead of waiting for the ferry, I stopped to enjoy the waterfront and open space.

Continuing west, the roads were quiet so the narrow road was not a problem at all.

Just past the town of Norheimsund, I said goodbye to the water and headed inland to Steinsdalsfossen. Although the waterfalls only has a drop of 50m, the sightseeing experience is a lot more interesting as you can walk right behind it.

From here, it is only a 76km journey back to Bergen, taking less than an hour and a half.

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