Norway Road Trip Photo Gallery - Geiranger

After your lunch break, head back in the direction of Stryn on Highway 15 and take the exit to the 63. Be sure to take the short toll road up to the Dalsnibba viewpoint, a key scenic spot of the surrounding mountains and Geirangerfjord from 1500m above sea level.

The Nibbevegen toll road opened in 1939 and is only open from the late spring to early autumn. There is a large parking lot at the top and you are surrounded by plenty of great views.

The first cruise ship to visit Geirangerfjord arrived in 1869. The Quaker missionaries returned home with stories of natural beauty and a tourist boom followed.

Heading back downhill, continue along the 63 into town at the edge of the fjord. There would likely be many other tourists around you with some big boats offshore.

You may notice a road winding up the hillsides on the mountain in the background. That's the ├śrnesvingen - Eagle Way, which makes 11 hairpin bends for a closer view of the fjord from above. Parking for the viewpoint here is more scarce but the reward is worth the wait.

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