Auckland Photo Gallery

I originally didn't plan to visit Auckland, but flights from Queenstown back to Australia were quite expensive, and it only costed slightly more to route through Auckland. So I added this town to my itinerary for an extra day. Unlike the countryside and natural beauty I experienced on South Island, Auckland is the typical city with skyscrapers, busy streets - in other words, not so interesting.

Town Hall was built in 1911 and restored in the 1990s for conventions and events. The Great Hall can accomodate some 1500 people and has the largest pipe organ in the country.

The Fergusson Building was built in 1929 and served as government offices and commercial use over the years.

The Auckland Art Gallery resides in a renovated historic building that dates from 1887 and 1916.

The University of Auckland was established in 1883 and consists of both historic and modern buildings.

The Auckland High Court was completed in 1868 next to Government House in the Gothic Revival style. The building has continuously been used as a courthouse.

The area has many other historic buildings although it is only possible for tourists to admire them from the outside.

The Clock Tower stands 54m tall and its design was inspired by a church in Oxford. For many years, the Old Arts Building was home to the Arts department and some student amenities in the rear wing.

Next door, Albert Park is a leafy place to rest after all the walking.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the CBD :

In the 1870s, this part of town was reclaimed to build port facilities and a new business district. However, Britomart began to decline a century later and thetrain station was redeveloped into a bus terminal in the 1930s. Luckily, the city realized its heritage needed to be preserved and the area has been restored.

The tourist brochures suggest several islands for day trips. I didn't have much time on my short Auckland visit so I settled with Devonport for a panoramic view of the city. The short ferry ride already offered lots of views as well.

Auckland doesn't have a very big skyline, and skyscrapers are not so densely-packed together.

My destination would be the top of that hill.

About 12 minutes later, we docked at Devonport.

The main business area has many historic buildings that date to the first European settlement.

Late winter seems quite balmy here.

It is an easy climb up Mount Victoria, the highest volcanic cone on Devonport.

After walking through a well-manicured grassy field, I saw the magical vantage point of the city's skyline with the sun behind me.

After a quick few hours, I was back in the city to continue my walking tour of the revitalized Wynyard Quarter.

Where is your yacht?

The Auckland Fish Market consists of seafood retailers, a seafood school, and a Hong Kong-style dai pai dong restaurant.

For more greenery in the city, I headed to Auckland Domain. The War Memorial Museum charged a hefty admission, so I skipped it and roamed the grounds instead.

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