Fox Glacier Photo Gallery

Good morning, Fox Glacier! Lake Matheson was formed when the glacier retreated 14,000 years ago. The calm lake offers a lovely reflection of the nearby mountains. The typical tropical vegetation lines the paths leading to the lakeview posts.

Fox Glacier is a very small town and you can easily walk from one end to the other. Helicopter companies bring visitors high up into the mountains for sightseeing flights and also hikes.

Up and away we go!

Is this Lake Tekapo on the other side of the mountains?

The helicopter would then make a landing on a part of the glacier high above sea level.

The whole trip took about 40 minutes. By the time we returned, the next batch of visitors were already lined up ready to fly.

It is also possible to see the glacier at ground level. Hiking paths go up the valley to an observation point, which is similar to Franz Josef. Fox is the largest and longest glacier along the West Coast, and is also mixed into the temperatre rainforest only 12 km from the ocean. This is the last washroom break before heading down into the valley, where signs show which areas are non-stoppable.

Welcome to the terminal face.

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