Hokitika Gorge Photo Gallery

The forecast called for better weather today, although it was still drizzling in Greymouth when I set off for Hokitika Gorge. The drive in was interesting, traversing many farms along back country roads. Herds of cows were huddled close to the fences along the road, which made good photography opportunities.

Contrary to my perception, sheep farms were not that prevalent throughout my drive. I suppose the dairy industry has lifted off with unlimited demand from China. But then, these don't seem to be milk cows?

They seemed curious about my presence but didn't appear willing to run the fence to mow me down.

Hokitika Gorge is an easy 30km drive out of Hokitika's town. The paved road gave way to gravel for the last stretch to the parking lot. Then it was an easy downhill walk through some seemingly tropical vegetation to reach the river. The West Coast gets lots of moisture so despite the cooler temperatures, these plants can still thrive.

Expecting the famous turquoise water, I was a bit disappointed the water was greyish. Was it because the storm on the previous day flushed a lot of sediments downhill from the mountains?

From the suspension bridge, walk a further few minutes and you can see the river bend. I wasn't sure whether it was allowed to leave the path and descend towards the rocks especially in the aftermath of yesterday's storm.

So back to appreciating the lush forest instead!

Disappointed with the colours, I set off for the long drive to Franz Josef. At least the weather started to clear out.

There were some sightseeing stops along the highway from Hokitika to Franz Josef. Lake Mapourika was infested with insects though but the water was very calm.

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