Wanaka Photo Gallery

The weather forecast called for clouds and snow today, but I was surprised the sun peeked through my curtains and it was blue skies at 7:30am. I rushed out to the wharf to get some rays, feel the cold lake waters, and think how I would take advantage of the weather.

With the weather being so good, I set off to Diamond Lake. The road was deserted and there were campgrounds, parks, and jetties along the way where I could stop and enjoy the mountain and lake views. This drive was far more spectacular than Haast - the Neck as the mountains and water were much closer. I was a bit surprised there weren't many sheep around.

If I had a boat, I would slide it down here and sleep on the lake for the night.

The Diamond Lake parking lot only had a few cars this early in the morning. The initial hike consisted of a mild slope and it didn't take long to reach the lake itself. The trees were bare, some extending into the still water, and weirdly sloping on its sides.

I have researched the lookout points above the lake so I continued up the stairs, which were a bit more challenging, to an initial lookout point above the lake.

There was mesh netting to enhance your grip for the wet, icy, and snowy conditions.

The hiking path eventually leads to Rocky Mountain, but I wouldn't go so far today as I need to drive to Queenstown before the bad weather would materialize. After the long set of stairs, the path smoothed out and gently climbed for a while more towards the Lake Wanaka Lookout.

It was still blue skies and the view was just lovely. There were 2 other tourists there but otherwise the mountain was empty. More people started coming up as I headed downhill back towards the parking lot, satisfied with my photo-taking binge.

The cows weren't interested when I reached the parking lot again and chased them for photos.

Clouds started to roll in from the other side of the mountains as I descended and the weather forecast came true. I was able to squeeze in a quick stop at the Glendhu Bay Lookout for a few more photos of the water and mountains, proudly looking at the mountain I just half conquered. For the adventurous, it is possible to walk a path all the way back to Wanaka from here. I was short on time so this lake stop would have to do.

There were barely any other signs of humanity nearby.

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