Obidos Photo Gallery - Part 1

With a long stay in Lisbon, I decided to venture further away from the city for a day trip. I narrowed down to a few choices - Fatima, Coimbra, Obidos, and Porto. I didn't want to sit on a bus or train for a long time, so in the end decided on Obidos, which is a little over an hour away.

Mostly rebuilt after the 1755 earthquake, the cobblestone streets and white houses were once right by the sea until a few hundred years ago. It is still a charming place to explore, so my morning here was quite productive and yielded many surprises.

I set off very early and there was no traffic on the highway. Obidos' city walls could be seen from afar.

The benefit of arriving so early is that I had the town all to myself, although nothing was open yet. I didn't come for shopping so the air of tranquility coupled with a cool morning breeze were very refreshing.

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